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As part of the Video Games Production bootcamp we are keen to partner with games developers so our trainee producers get exposure to how a game actually gets made and what behaviours and skills are required to be successful.

We are seeking 6 developers to work with.

We aim to provide you with

  • Free Professional audience testing of your game by 5-7 individuals who fit the audience profile you choose.

  • Including videos of their playthroughs will voice-overs

  • Analysis of areas of confusion and frustration to give you insight into tweets into your gameplay, UX and UI

  • A P&L based on the budget information you provide us with

  • An accessibility report on how well your game fits with the games accessibility guidelines

  • Analysis of your schedule and risk management.

  • Feedback on your GDD, Marketing and other assets you are able or willing to share. Our trainee producers get access to some of the UK’s leading experts in games production, legal and finance.

In return we request:

  • Access to a stable version of your game on PC or Android between October 22nd and November 5th

  • Access to as many materials as you are comfortable providing under NDA

  • A few hours of your time to ask questions and present our findings

If this is something that could work for you and your game please register your interest below.

Indie Developer Involvement: Text


We'd love to hear about any games suitable to audience testing with GoTestify between 26th October to 5th Nov. Any questions let us know here

Which of these will you be able to give us access to (under NDA)?
Do you have a publisher who will need to sign off on this?

Thanks for submitting!

audience members
Indie Developer Involvement: Contact
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